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We provide quality advice and representation on a range of legal matters to both individual and corporate clients. Our approach is flexible and always driven by our clients’ needs.

Client perspectives inform the legal choices to be made. It is our role to combine client aspirations and requirements with our knowledge of the law in order to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

Our experienced team of lawyers understand that many clients are unfamiliar with what to expect when they decide to embark upon a legal action. Therefore, providing clients with clear guidance as to what can be a complex process is of utmost importance.

We are also fully aware that clients can be concerned about the cost of engaging a lawyer. We are committed to full cost-disclosure; there are no hidden costs. Generally, we believe you will find our fees highly competitive — we do not charge for every email or phone call. Fixed fees can also be arranged for certain legal services (for example, divorce applications, property consent orders, and initial court appearances).

At AZ Legal we pride ourselves on safeguarding our clients’ interests and helping them realise their goals.

АТ AZ Legal we are committed to the idea that justice should not simply be an abstract concept; it should be what a lawyer strives to achieve in every day practice
I appeared before the Magistrate for sentencing at the Local Court I was terrified that I would end up in gaol and that my future prospects of creating a good life would be destroyed — all because of a stupid mistake that I’d made.
I’m so relieved that that did not happen, and believe that I owe so much to my lawyer (Rhonda) at AZ Legal for helping me present my case in such a way that the Magistrate really understood my case. I’m so grateful to Rhonda for the way she helped through every step of the case. Without her I believe the outcome my case would not have been nearly as good
Rhonda was invaluable in helping us through a hard time in our lives — especially as we were fairly new to Australia and had little understanding of the Australian legal system. The major dispute we had had with our tenants was threatening to have a major impact on our finances and our emotional well being.
Someone had recommended AZ Legal, and from the first time meeting we had with Rhonda we felt we were in good hands. She helped us understand what the legal process in protecting our interest would be, and made us feel as though she really cared and did everything she could to help us. Thanks to her, we are now in a much better position than we were a year ago.
Thank you AZ Legal, again I felt secure in the professionalism you have shown in handling my most recent matter. Although I had engaged you to handle a number of business -related matters before, seeking advice about a personal family law matter was something very different.
I very much appreciate the sensitive and clever way you dealt with my matter. I would have no hesitation in recommending your firm for all the services that you provide.