About Us

Our approach is flexible and always driven by our clients’ needs. We therefore believe it is very important to listen to what a client is saying — no two stories are exactly alike and in order to best help a client, their story will frequently reveal their concerns, priorities and expectations.
We understand that many clients are unfamiliar with what to expect when they decide to embark upon a legal action. Therefore, providing clients with clear guidance as to what can be a complex process is of utmost importance. Although we encourage clients to ask us questions about anything to do with their matter, we also realize that they want clear advice and recommendations.
We are also fully aware that clients can be concerned about the cost of engaging a lawyer. We are committed to full cost-disclosure; there are no hidden costs. In recent years the legal world has undergone rapid change. Successful law firms are those that can meet the challenge of delivering legal services in new ways. We are invested in doing so, to effectively meet our clients’ needs.

Our lawyers regularly at courts throughout metropolitan Sydney. You can call us on (02) 9389 8659  or 045 1085199 or contact us  via the Contact form on this website.

.              COVID 19  & Special arrangements:

We appreciate that it can be difficult to meet our clients in a regular office setting. We therefore offer alternative ways of meeting with our clients, such as  phone or video conferencing . We also offer appointments outside regular business hours to assist our clients.